trying to keep the off topic reasonably short...

Well I myself do not have the opinion that patent laws
or politics should be the reason why some ReactOS guys
do not want help from Americans. There can be lots of
reasons. Of course you could ask what the reasons are.

But I do think that patents are too long-living and
granted for too trivial things today. Entities like
Philips have more than 100k patents, simply because
they have enough lawyers anyway... Startups, on the
other hand, can hardly afford checking whether their
own inventions contain things that have been patented
(but maybe never used in actual products) by somebody.
And to have trivial patents nullified takes much work.

I also do think that the Iraq war was wrong. Of course
Saddam was a pain, but only countries in the area had
any reason to start a war with him... Now you just have
a vacuum. Former oppressor gone and new govt does not
fit the local culture. And, well, all that terror stuff,
Bin Laden had money and power from when he was a "friend"
because he was an enemy of the enemy. Very unfortunate.

Today, the "war" -against- terror hurts my civil rights
far more than terror itself hurts me. War against a few
people is not possible. Similar to the problem that you
cannot free the internet from spam by using weapons. And
"war" against spam even makes people stop using email...

Talking about energy consumption: I guess the solution
is not using other sources of energy - The solution is
only using less energy. LED lights, AMD64x2EE or Intel
Core2Duo, small cars, isolated houses, all that stuff.

In any case, I would like to repeat that strange politics
and laws in the USA should be treated separate from the
point that it is fun to have international open source
projects... I was just trying to guess why some ReactOS
related people have a problem with "Americans as such".
I myself only have a problem with the politics and laws.


PS: We can of course continue this chat via direct mail but
I did not know if you  still  use that blacklist which has
"Germany as a whole" listed as "spammer safe haven"...? ;-)

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