Eric Auer wrote:
>> 1 " seconds"
>> 2 " elapsed"
>> 3 "RUNTIME is free public domain software by Eric Auer 2007"
>>   "Usage: RUNTIME your_program [your_options]"
>>   "Shows how long your_program ran, max 1 day (23"
>> 4 ":59:59.99)"
>> 5 "COMSPEC not found"

Italian (save as CP850)

1 " secondi"
2 " trascorsi" (or "trascorso" if singular)
3 "RUNTIME è un programma di pubblico dominio di Eric Auer 2007"
   "Uso: RUNTIME programma [opzioni]"
   "Mostra il tempo di esecuzione del programma, max 1 giorno (23"
5 "COMSPEC non trovato"

> Another example: FreeCOM is available in German, Russian,
> Spanish, Dutch, English. Partial translations are available
> for Portuguese, Yugoslavian (?), Serbian, Swedish, French,
> Italian. Would be nice if somebody could update the trans-
> lations for FreeCOM. Please contact me if you want to help.

I updated the Italian translation before the 1.0 release, but I don't 
know if it has been put into CVS since.
If something has changed from the 1.0 release, then I'll take a look.

> As with FreeCOM, RUNTIME does not use nls/programname.language
> files. While FreeCOM has too many messages for that, RUNTIME
> has too few :-). I will just add the translations to the
> binary itself and recompile it. I hope to be able
> to squeeze up to 10 languages into a 2-3 kilobyte binary.

Having a nls/programname.language is better, so anyone can translate a 
program and see the results immediately. This is useful to make the 
messages fit in the 80 columns limit, or when a tabular representation 
is produced (as with MEM).


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