hi all

I have a problem running FreeDOS with himem/emm386 on a custom size floppy 
image (8640 kB) I use memdisk to emulate the floppy.

I've tested 4 situations:

1. kernel on 2880 kB floppy image = works
2. kernel on 8640 kB floppy image = works
3. kernel + himem/emm386 on 2880 kB floppy = works
4. kernel + himem/emm386 on 8640 kB floppy = ERROR

In 4th situation the system hangs (freezes) just after emm386 shows all 
inforamtions about memory he found , there is no any error - everything 
looks fine. I suspect some collision between emm386 and memdisk (as it is 
floppy size problem = memory problem). I've tested a lot of himem/emm386 
switches but no luck.

I can add that JEMMEX works fine in all 4 cases, but that is not a solution 
I'm looking for.

I use the last stable versions of all software (but also tried older 
himem/emm386 - without any change)

I've got some help from memdisk side (mailing list), but without final 
Here is my mail, the answer and more details: 

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