>> If I undestand correctly: I will get the same error if I run any other
>> programme which is placed near the end of the floppy image?? memdisk
>> is not in the floppy
> I understood that you use memdisk to simulate a floppy in ram.
> And that some himem / emm386 / japheth-equivalents had a problem
> if the memdisk used more ram. My idea was that the problem only
> triggers if you actually use ram of memdisk which somehow over-
> laps with what the other drivers use. Can you make a list which
> versions of himem / emm386 have the problem? To begin with, I
> suggest the categories: 1 fd himem, 2 j himem (himemx), 3 fd emm386,
> 4 jemm386, and 5 jemmex. Gives various (8) combinations: 1, 2, 1+3,
> 1+4, 2+3, 2+4, 5, none. Question is which of the 8 have problems.

Please belive me I'm an ordinary user not developer and don't have a time 
(and head:)) for searching bugs especially when it works. When it works I'm 
happy enough and don't want to know why it didn't work yesterday :). If you 
want I can send you my floppy image, unfortunatelly I don't have a copy of 
the "non-working" one. My HIMEM/EMM386 versions: 3.26/2.26, jemm version 
564, kernel: 1.1.35

>> Well, I need to have all my DOS programs, and it's about 8 MB
> You should just include a cdrom driver to access the rest :-).
> Options are: eltorito (if you boot with isolinux and memdisk
> only), xcdrom (ide), gcdrom (sata), maybe others. The eltorito
> dot sys driver from www.nu2.nu/eltorito/ is interesting. If
> you like it, you should remind Bart to open-source it ;-). You
> also need a high level driver for any cdrom drivers. In MSDOS,
> it is called mscdex. We use shsucdx instead.

I use CD-ROM drivers, but don't know how to add programs from CD directory 
to PATH variable. (to search for CD label?)

Why use eltorito driver? I have xcdrom and it works fine with memdisk, but 
you suggested eltorito, is it better?


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