Hi again,

> > Now for the 1.0 ISO I am absolutely sure that it does have a
> > menu with several choices - more than just pressing return.

> www.ibiblio.org/pub/micro/pc-stuff/freedos/files/distributions/1.0/fdbasecd.iso
> doesn't.

> I ran balder in dosbox and it worked but I can't burn it to cd because
> k3b says it is invalid (maybe because it is a floppy image.

I downloaded the ISO myself and got the md5sum:
c9bfcf2d08dbe8bdb1fe95fb339e0b2b  fdbasecd.iso (8333312 bytes)

I have also tested it with k3b: You select "Extras -> CD ->
Burn CD Image file". This is k3b version 0.11, I am sure your
version of k3b has even more functions :-).

> The exact menu options are:
> 1. continue booting from CD
> 2. boot from the first hard drive
> 3. boot from floppy
> 4. skip CD and try first  boot device

Yes and after you select "booting from CD" you get the NEXT menu
which should give you several options again. The next menu may
have a shorter timeout and select some default by itself if you
do not press a key on time, but the next menu does exist :-).


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