Hi James,

> [freedos 1.0] crashes after I press return on the menu.

Now for the 1.0 ISO I am absolutely sure that it does have a
menu with several choices - more than just pressing return.

So you can select another menu item, for example "boot without
emm386 driver for ems / umb". There are several menu items
and there are even several menus. Please tell exactly in which
menu which choice fails in which way. If a menu goes ways too
quickly, you can usually hit a cursor key or similar so DOS
knows you are busy making a selection and stops the timeout
which would normally select a default after a while. You can
even use the pause key on the upper right of your keyboard
(and continue by hitting another key).

> www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/specials/sys-freedos-linux.zip
> How do I run 'sys' under Linux?

That is a bit complicated to use, but basically you do something
like "perl ./sys-freedos.pl --lba --disk=/dev/fd0" for diskette.

For harddisk, you would select ONLY the fat filesystem in question,
NOT the whole harddisk... Otherwise you would overwrite your whole
partitioning scheme. So "sys in Linux" is basically as dangerous
as "fdisk in DOS" - one wrong choice and you have messed up your
PC. Of course expert users can often fix it again without losing
a single file, but this can be very complicated.

So... Please do figure out how to gain more control over
Balder or the CDROM distro before you try to SYS from Linux.
This will also help us to find out what is wrong with the
diskette and cdrom distro and whether it is sufficient to
do a clever selection of menu items to work around.

Thanks! Eric

PS: Please give more information about the kind of hardware
you are using. What sort of PC, harddisk, cdrom/dvd, BIOS,
which CPU, how much RAM, any sound, scsi, raid, sata, net...?

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