Jack, your email is an obvious troll. If you don't have anything of
substance to contribute, don't try to stir up trouble. Please stop


On 12/5/07, Jack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My congrats to my good fiend Grech for having "patched" and extended usage
> of the non-caching XDMA!   Those on BTTR who have noted the 50-MB speed of
> UIDE, and those who have noted privately how UIDE "works everywhere", will
> truly value a substandard, obsolete driver as a second-choice!   And given
> JEMM, it may be but 18 months until XDMA32/XCDROM32 perform like UIDE now!
> It also seems best that any more drivers I do will again be closed-source,
> licensed and no-longer "free use" as in the latest 12-02-2007 README file,
> and totally unavailable in Europe or North America.   Too many "Trolls" in
> ONLY those areas sadly proved to take too much time.   I am confident that
> XDMA32/XCDROM32 will "do" for such users!   Our good fiend Grech is a very
> capable guy as I know, and very honourable as Udo Kuhnt knows, is he not??
> Sad, how I had time to sent Martin Rehak but one ITE8211 chip test, before
> "Trolls" took much attention.   As useful work is more fun, time for me to
> let the "DOS community" go on re-learning everything about bad BIOS logic,
> SHSUCDX "bugs", UltraDMA, caching, etc.   My good friend Wrech will surely
> help the "community" with all such items, and I can thus proceed with some
> nice UIDE upgrades that I believe will greatly benefit many others!

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