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>Eric, you are a wag. :))

Sorry my English sucks, I didn't even have a chance to go to University.
I check up the WIKI and found the following ...

Wag can also be:

* A verb expressing a rocking movement, as in the wagging of a dog's tail,
also used to describe the motion of chemical bonds
* A person who is fond of making jokes
* A verb referring to truancy in Australian or New Zealand slang
* Wag's, an American restaurant chain

WAG can refer to:

* WAG, {Wild Ass Guess} In electronic forums
* WAGs, a British tabloid press term for the Wives and Girlfriends of
sportsmen, particularly footballers
* Walgreens, a U.S. convenience/drug store (NYSE symbol: WAG)
* Wanganui Airport, New Zealand (IATA code: WAG)
* Welsh Assembly Government, an executive body in Wales
* West Asian Games, a sporting event
* Wireless Advisory Group, a group which provides advice and information on
wireless technologies to the JANET community
* Wireless Audio Gesture, a wireless device worn by guitarists to change
* World Air Games, an international competition of air sports
* The Winnipeg Art Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Can you write in plain English?
Thank you!

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