Hi Tom,

> you are welcome to convert the *existing* packages to any
> format you like, but don't expect everybody else to convert
> packages into formats that you like.

Maybe you misunderstood me... the fdupdate / fdpkg / textinst
and install formats are all basically the same. This means
that for EVERY package in FreeDOS 1.0 we already have a zip
in the fdupdate package format. But of course this often is
a zip of a really old version, as many apps got updated in
the time between 1.0 and today :-). Luckily Mateusz also has
a collection of quite a few UPDATED packages on his page, it
just is not complete yet so we would need your help...

> some here, some there, some nowhere, and some even elsewhere :((

Any plans to help with anything then? The kernel update got
delayed because the changelog for the OLD kernel was a bit
too messy (mixes stable and unstable branch updates) sorry.


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