2008/6/3 Michael Reichenbach <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> iw2evk schrieb:
>> It's possible under freedos 1.0 put the drivers in XMS insted UMB?
>> Can be used cloaking.exe , and in wich modality?
>> many thanks in advance.
>> Roberto iw2evk
> Hey!
> I had some time ago a similar suggestion. Loading into EMS/XMS would be
> a bad idea because more outdated applications use EMS/XMS.

Well, in fact it gave me idea that EMS could actually be suitable for
DISPLAY: you book a couple of contiguous pages, then upon call to
int10h select those pages as available.

Note (Eric) that these changes wouldn't change at all the DISPLAY
core, but the particular EGA/VGA driver.


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