robinson-west user schrieb:
> ... games not working ...
Interesting report.

You want to say these games are working with MS-DOS but not with FreeDOS?

You may post the configuration (config/autoexec) for MS-DOS and also for
FreeDOS. Maybe it can be improved.

> I wish the ReactOS project hadn't gotten away from
> offering a Windows 9x replacement.  I know there's a hatred of dos,
> but it's the only way to go on an ancient computer.

I think if you wait for this project to finish you waste your live

> Frankly, I'd like to see Microsoft forced to open source it's
> abandoned operating systems.  If Microsoft can do something totally
> different like Vista, there's no excuse for keeping something ancient
> like MS-DOS 7.0 closed.

There are reasons for them. I was also interested in this and made a
- some of the code of MS-DOS 8.0 is still inside Vista
- probable Microsoft has not the full copyright over MS-DOS (maybe them
 licensed technologies from third partys for their operating system but
without the right to publish all details as open source) or used a
closed source third party library
- Maybe their is something to hide.
- Microsoft doesn't want to see this operating system alive again when
it's free, so them lose potential costumers or risk that existing
costumers can use lesser time their current services.
- It's maybe like with creative and the past soundblaster de facto
standard... Many people did try to reverse engineer their cards in
software but failed more or less because creative refused to publish
details, also even long time after importance of the sb de facto
standard. A nice article
(german link, but it's worth to try reading it with an online
translator). If you read it it's clear that creative made promises about
compatibility and quality, while them did know it wasn't the truth. Evil
tongue say it was a lie and it wouldn't be wise to admit it.


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