On Sunday 07 September 2008, robinson-west user wrote:
> Wolfenstein 3D will install, but it's not playable.

Then you have something broken...
I am using FreeDOS from several years, and Wolfenstein 3D is a game which 
always worked fine for me.
What exactly do you mean by "not playable"? Maybe you have not enough low 
memory (I remember it run slow then)?

> (...) the shareware versions of Commander Keen I and IV work and
> install.

What about other Keen's episodes (II-III)? For me, they works, too.

> My 486 DX2-66 has a copy of 98SE on it now, albeit that is very slow.

Wow, a Win 98SE on a 486DX2-66?? Centuries ago I had the same CPU, and I 
remember that Win 3.x was okay, but the first version of windows 95 was a hell 
to use... But I had only 16MB of FPM-RAM, maybe you have more.

> Frankly, I'd like to see Microsoft forced to open source it's
> abandoned operating systems.  If Microsoft can do something totally
> different like Vista, there's no excuse for keeping something ancient
> like MS-DOS 7.0 closed.

Well... I'm not sure we would really need such open MSDOS 7.x anymore. FreeDOS 
is already *very* powerfull. The kernel is stable, the memory management is far 
better than the microsoft's one, it has similar tools (even more)...
I'm not sure the problems you are reporting are really FreeDOS troubles. Are 
you using the latest version of everything (kernel, HIMEM/EMM386, FreeComm...)? 
Do you tried to free up the maximum of memory? Maybe could you post your 
start-up files (autoexec & config, or fdconfig or what else you may use)?

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste
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