I agree that abandon programs such as win 3.x and msdos should be  
opensourced, but I'd settle for uninforcable copyrights.  I'm  
personally of the opinion that if the company no longer sells,  
supports, or in the case of most companies, actively discourages the  
use of said program, then that program should fall into public domain,  
and no longer be liable for copyright infringement. Thus, all those  
commercial dos games such as the kings quest, colonel's bequest,  
civilization, and so on should have no penalty whatsoever for copying  
I realize most older dos software is available somewhere online if you  
search hard enough, but it shouldn't be necessary to hide such  
things.  The companies (in some cases are just plain gone) the  
software is no longer sold, it certainly isn't supported, and even if  
you wanted to buy a copy of said program, it's just plain not  
possible, because the companies no longer have copies to sell, even if  
you could reach someone who was willing to sell a copy.
So, why should we have to fear law suits when there's clearly no  
financial loss to the companies in question.
Last time the copyright laws came up for discussion, some folks tried  
to get an excemption for older software, but the copyright office  
turned down the amendment.  It's up for renewal this year (or next,  
not sure which) perhaps we should try again.  Then we'd have all kinds  
of software for freedos.
But regardless, open sourcing some of the old dos programs would be an  
excellent idea, and provide loads of educational and historical  
importants knowledge to new computer users, or those just trying to  
get into computer programming, it could act as a roadmap so to speak  
of what the computer industry has gone through in it's various  
incarnations as relates to mainstream software.
Just my thoughts, use them as you like (or disregard them entirely,  
that's ok too)

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