Which output method is a good question for which I do not have an answer.
 The program is a Clipper 5.2.x and has a number  of added libraries.  These
may have replaced the original output routines.

I use NET USE LPT1: to intercept the program output.  Is that a clue to this

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 7:17 AM, Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> > That's fascinating.  I'll have to test that.  As far as the DOS program
> I'm
> > forced to use, updating it would require a large investment.  There is no
> > prospect to generate enough cash to pay for the update.
> > > Don't write to LPT1:, instead open a file named "LPT1" and
> > > write to it normaly. You will see that when you *close the file*
> > > the spool is flushed.
> Sounds both simple and useful :-). I mean the problem is
> probably that you have to know when printing is finished,
> as some non-DOS printers prefer to print job-wise and not
> byte-wise... However, there is not only LPT1 and LPT1:
> but also printing to BIOS int17, the printer port I/O or
> the DOS char device directly and explicitly. I wonder
> what your existing software does. If it prints to LPT1:
> via a file then it should be easy to binary patch it to
> print to LPT1 instead. However, it could also print to
> PRN (int 21.05) or use the BIOS (int 17, quite possible)
> or use the char device (sort of unlikely imho) which is
> less trivial to modify...
> If there are many people printing from DOS in Windows
> then it might be useful to recommend some "redirect
> int 17 printing to a buffer in RAM, save it to a file
> and then, when the app is done, print that file using
> any command, for example COPY FILE.TXT LPT1" tool in
> this mailing list :-). Anybody remembers a nice one?
> Eric

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