Hi John,

>     > How would PRN behave in the situation that strings are
>     > output but no End-Of-Print-Job is sent?

> Today I'm programming an HP P4015 to get the DOS output formatted.
> It appears to have a way to program that timer.  Knock-wood.


> Earlier in this thread I included information on changing a
> wait-to-print item in Windows XP's registry.  Something like
> that may be in Vista as well.

On the other hand, that "print to file called LPT1 and close
it when done to let Windows know when you are done" is better.

>     about your CPU time issue, did you try fdapm apmdos? [Maybe it]
>     just crashes, but I am curious :-). Whats the tamedos license?

> Here's TameDOS's web site....
> http://www.tamedos.com/tame/tamehome.htm
> http://www.tamedos.com/docs/v50/license.htm

Hmm it is shareware.

> fdapm is a power control I thought.
> What role would it play for printing?

You said tamedos helps to lower WinXP CPU usage - not printer related.

> What I'm saying I've seen a old DOS programs that typically are for use
> in a specific industry or some specific regulatory.    One was in the
> trucking industry to track insurance expirations for independent
> truckers.  Another was for handling containers labeling paperwork
> which is handed to railroad transfer agents.

Interesting. Those users might indeed be interested in consulting
on how to run stuff in Linux dosemu, but then on the other hand
they probably just keep using their ancient copy of MS DOS instead.

> Note: Clipper always needs tuning,  particularly for the program of
> current disgust.   I used the Blinker linker and it has a good DPMI.   I
> turned off EMS and XMS and set memory to auto.  DPMI is set to 8192 but
> a Blinker memory function reports that 45,000k is available.  

Interesting :-) If you still have sources, you can also recompile
using the free HarbourX Clipper clone, I believe :-). Dunno what
that will do with your 3rd party libraries, though.


PS: Yes guys, that is a new email addr of mine. Please use it :-)

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