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> Hi David,
> Thanks for responding.  An answer and questions are mixed in
> with your response, if you wish to address them.
> David C. Kerber wrote:
> >
> >>I'm no authority on it, but my experience with using
> FreeDOS as a file
> server was not encouraging.  I
> >>used the MS networking services that came with WFW 3.11, and it was
> functional but unacceptably
> >>slow.  At the time (a few months ago), nobody had a suggestion of a
> >>faster
> set of server libraries, so I
> >>gave up on it and went to a different OS.
> >
> >>How much RAM do those machines have?
> >
> > 256MB, 512MB for a while on one.
> >
> >>  If at least 128MB and you have some unused copies of windows XP
> >>lying  around, that configuration has worked pretty well
> for me as a
> >>low end file server (for logging over the
> network mostly), and would
> >>probably be ok for archiving as well.  With essentially no user
> applications running, 128MB is enough for
> >>XP to act as a file server.
> > I'm surprised,  MS still supports K6 CPUs.

I run it on a geode 400MHz processor for embedded uses.

> > I suspect one needs to tell the Setup to limit the files installed
> > somehow.  Is that a normal setup question asked?  Or does
> one need to
> > throw a switch at it to get there?

I don't think it asks anything; it just detects what it needs to know.

It has pretty good backwards compatibility, as long as the processors run a 
basic x86 command set.


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