Eric Auer wrote:
>> Ages ago there where some discussions about DOSzilla (Mozilla Firefox
>> for DOS) but the project was never released and is dead.
>> Firefox for DOS would be a killer application, pretty cool.
> I remember the suggestion coming in from time to time but I also
> remember the insane dependencies firefox needs...

You may have overlooked one dependency, not of the functional type you 
listed but an add-on necessary for a browser to be usable today: Flash.

My browser of choice is Mozilla's Seamonkey suite running under 
eComStation (OS/2).  It shares a profile and all the data files with the 
Win version so when I need to boot Win I have all the same bookmarks, 
history, mail etc.  I am not comfortable allowing Win to connect to the 
WEB, but I am increasingly having to boot Win because the OS/2 Flash is 
still version 5.  Adobe has apparently recently allowed the current 
version to be ported but time and money to do that is scarce.  So while 
I would like to see a real browser under DOS, if it doesn't include the 
current Flash it would be crippled, and maybe not worth the bother.


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