Amedee Van Gasse schreef:
> Eric Auer schreef:
>> Hi :-)
>> I think WordPerfect 5.1 was a really popular word processor
>> for DOS, much more suited for DOS use than graphical Word
>> versions today...
>> The ODF and MS-OOXML formats are, as far as I remember, both
>> actually "renamed" ZIP files with several XML files inside.
>> I think MS-OOXML also has binary files inside for printer
>> settings or similar sometimes. While the full office formats
>> are indeed extremely complex, you can often get a quite good
>> idea of the text content by unzipping the XML inside which has
>> the focus on content, as opposed to layout etc, and then
>> removing all XML tags and attributes. Example:
>> ...
>> <fancyname fancyproperty="greenish">Hello</fancyname>
>> ...
>> ...would simply be reduced to "Hello", easy to read in DOS.
>> Does anybody know a nice program for that for DOS? When in
>> doubt, you can always use the DJGPP port of GNU textutils,
>> for example the SED tool, to remove the XML markups... ;-)
> I know there is a program on Linux that does exactly that, but I forgot
> its name. Shouldn't be hard to find. If someone could port that...
Found it: odt2txt
I don't see a reason to reinvent the weel.

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