Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi!
>> I am not using any kind of virtualization software for it.
> Okay so you use DOS in real hardware.
>> Do you think this card is also compatible with the Intel HDA ???
> Depends. Modern mainboards use HDA or AC97 for sound.
> Only modern DOS software like MPXPLAY can use AC97,
> not sure whether any DOS software can use HDA. In any
> case, your old games have BUILT-IN drivers which you
> cannot replace. Either your soundcard is ISA SB16 or
> SBPro compatible or it is not. There is hope, though:
> In PCI soundcards which have it, Adlib / OPL3 / FM
> "music" will usually work. PCI Soundcards which try
> to be SB16 / SBPro compatible in hardware often only
> work on older mainboards (up to K6-2 or PentiumIII?)
> for DOS, on newer boards they turn into AC97ish-only.
> However, SBLive / SBPCI typically come with a driver
> which works like a small dosemu virtual computer: It
> lets DOS games use your real hardware, but if they
> try to access the soundcard, they are connected to a
> simulation which pretends being SB16 while the real
> sound is forwarded to the actually AC97 hardware of
> the real SBLive / SBPCI soundcard. Only works with
> games which are emm386 compatible. Luckily most are.

> There is also a driver called VSB Virtual SoundBlaster
> which tries to do the same simulation trick but free
> (not bundled to soundcards). It only does SB 1.0 afair
> and only works either without emm386 or with the QEMM
> variant of it yet. Also, it can only output sound to
> simple real hardware (printer port Covox, maybe also
> the internal PC beeper speaker).

You are over floating newbies with to many informations and by the way
this VSB thing is for a non-programmer useful for almost nothing.

> Still it would be a
> good starting point for generic virtual soundcards:

> Using code from dosemu, bochs, qemu, alsa-project etc,
> one could make VSB support SB16 / SBPro simulation as
> input and output to real AC97 / HDA. It could also be
> converted to be MS emm386 or free JEMM386 compatible.

That's a topic I summarized some time ago

> That said, it would need helpers and/or money to be done.

I don't think it will even happen that *someone* from *outside* the
community will ever take this challenge.

Even if you post at some service auction site (rentacoder or whatever) I
highly doubt you can find anyone who is able to do it.

So by the way, what's YOUR price? :) After you told us we can think
about collecting the money. That's imho the only realistic approach.

> Eric


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