Hi! Off-list reply from me:

Basically most of the information can be summarized by
giving the DevelSound and that other sound related URL
in the drdoswiki, so maybe you could post those along
with a summary of what can be found there in a mail to
this thread here? The summary because people might use
google to find sound-relevant mails in the list archive
and it would be good if they had a chance to be pointed
to those two wiki pages in their search results :-)

I agree that people who are not "into" dos will not
want to improve VSB for fun. On the other hand, there
was some effort to collect funds to make people like
Japheth, Tom, Georg, Arkady (just examples!) do it.
Honestly, I think it will always be a lot of work so
you will not be able to REALLY pay any coder...

You are right that I should at least try VSB once, as
even if it only works without emm386 and only with the
internal PC speaker it will still be more useable than
covox-only. Or does VSB already support PC speaker?

I also wonder whether it would be easier to start from
"scratch" by porting dosemu sound code into a JLM. It
would be interesting to hear from Japheth how well the
JLM interface is suited for simulating I/O port based,
ISA DMA accessible and IRQ generating devices... Maybe
you can somehow convince him to give an overview of
what and how is possible and what not. I mean that JLM
is a nice idea, but he never really advertizes it for
use by any programmer apart from himself it seems ;-)


PS: The dosemu-JLM approach would also start with PC
speaker for output if you ask me, but could port MPX-
PLAY or even Alsa drivers for hardware. Pity that I
have nothing which works with MPXPLAY right now :-!.

PPS: That said, MPXPLAY and Arachne are probably the
two most "wished to be resurrected" DOS projects now.

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