>> was some effort to collect funds to make people like
>> Japheth, Tom, Georg, Arkady (just examples!) do it.
> You mean the thread in bttr?

Yes. And I mean please mention ALL URLs in ONE easy to
google in the list archive mail: DOS soundcard Wiki,
VSB ponderings Wiki, BTTR fundraising thread, (etc?) :-)

> Do you avoid the question of YOUR price?

Well, to have lots of time, I would probably stop
other work. Then you should assume 500-2500 Euros
per month depending on charity, mood, taxes, cost
of living, insurances etc. For doing it as a side
project next to real life and normal job, making
or modding VSB into JEMM386-AC97-HDA-SB16-coolish
is simply too much work, or maybe I am too lazy.

>> You are right that I should at least try VSB once,
> hell, YES!

Have you tried it?

>> internal PC speaker it will still be more useable than
>> covox-only.

Based on the assumption: Speaker is better than no
sound at all and people are no longer techy enough
to build their own Covox...

>> Or does VSB already support PC speaker?
> Didn't work for me for anything.

Did you try without emm386 and with real-mode games,
for example commander keen or something? What do the
VSB docs say about which features to expect in VSB?

>> I also wonder whether it would be easier to start from
>> "scratch" by porting dosemu sound code into a JLM.
> or the DOSBox code... [or Bochs or Qemu or...]

Depends on which one is easier to port IMHO. C would be good.

>> would be interesting to hear from Japheth how well the
>> JLM interface is suited for simulating I/O port based,
>> ISA DMA accessible and IRQ generating devices...

> Why not mail him?

Feel free. Or just forward the snippet above :-)

> Seriously, where and how he should advertise it?

He could put some more docs on the JEMM386 homepage,
or maybe put existing JLMs along with some more docs
such as commented "how X did Y" snippets in a devel
kit download or something... Think of xcdrom32 etc?
Yet even xcdrom only uses, not simulates, IRQ/DMA.

>> PPS: That said, MPXPLAY and Arachne are probably the
>> two most "wished to be resurrected" DOS projects now.
> The sound project not?

Arachne and Mpxplay already do work on various hardware.
Arachne has issues with limited features, Mpxplay with
limited hardware support, but as you say, VSB is not in
use at all because it is much more limited than those.
So for practical reasons, continuing Arachne / Mpxplay
might make more people happy for less work than new VSB.


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