Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi Japheth,
>>> also many things are running in background :)
>>> just ask Eric, Mateusz, Rugxulo, Blair, ...
>> That's probably one of FreeDOS's problems: there's
>> only one guy - I don't want to be more specific - who
>> forces all communication into private mails. This
>> makes the current FD status absolutely intransparent
>> for other people. The public mailing lists - kernel
>> and devel - are either virtually empty and dead or
>> filled with lot of noise.
> You probably mean me ;-).

I think he does and I have also experienced this.

> Well in a related note,
> there are also discussions on other forums such
> as the BTTR one, and somehow it does not happen
> often enough that somebody drops a mail here to
> tell the freedos-user readers when there is some
> news elsewhere. Including news such as "Japheth
> has fixed a bug in some software, enjoy"... ;-).
> Another thing is that the kernel list is indeed
> extremely silent. When somebody hints me about a
> bug in the kernel, I first discuss details with
> him, then if I cannot fix it or if I have a patch
> which is too complex to apply without asking, I
> ask for comments on the kernel list but get none.

There is no real need to discuss the details in private as their are no
secrets and other opinions welcome.

A bigger problem I see that this private discussions degenerate into
debate of principles and rather go also offtopic.


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