> Something specific to my hardware on my 486 DX2 66 must be causing
> fdupdate to crash, but there seem to be no diagnosis tools to find
> out what that is.  Please rectify this problem.  I want something
> that detects resource conflicts, flaky memory, etcetera.

First try to boot without loading (J)EMM386, a common cause of
problems is a bad default EMM386 configuration which makes UMB
space available for DOS in areas that should stay reserved for
something else, such as BIOS or extension cards. You can use a
tool like PCISLEEP to get a list of devices. The Quarterdeck MFT
Manifest tool is also freeware by now, might be useful even if
it is not hardware oriented. Similar to a very extended MEM :-)

There is also a RAM/resource info tool from Japheth that can be
used to debug the autoconfig abilities of JEMM386, if you can
not find it on (www) japheth.de you can always ask him by mail.


PS: For flaky memory, run MEMTEST86 or MEMTEST86+. There is also
a version that can be started from DOS called MEMTESTE. Note that
it can only start if no EMM386 is loaded. It works best if you do
not load any other drivers at all before starting MEMTESTE...

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