Hi Michael,

>>> Something specific to my hardware on my 486 DX2 66 must be causing
>>> fdupdate to crash, but there seem to be no diagnosis tools to find
>> First try to boot without loading (J)EMM386, a common cause of
>> problems is a bad default EMM386 configuration which makes UMB
>> space available for DOS in areas that should stay reserved...

>> There is also a RAM/resource info tool from Japheth...

> Okay, I have tried loading no drivers and then with just the
> packet driver running fdupdate.  It still crashes.  Is there
> a way to scan for bios usage of memory so that I can put in
> the necessary exceptions?  The PCISLEEP comment is interesting,
> but I'm on an old EISA only Intel 80486 DX2-66 that uses 32 pin
> simms.  The bios is an AMI bios circa 1993.
> I'll see about grabbing a copy of memteste.

Did you find out anything new already? Do the other computers
apart from the 486 work now, and if yes, what was the trick?

Thanks for the update :-)


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