On Thu, 2009-03-19 at 10:25 +0100, Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi!
> > Something specific to my hardware on my 486 DX2 66 must be causing
> > fdupdate to crash, but there seem to be no diagnosis tools to find
> > out what that is.  Please rectify this problem.  I want something
> > that detects resource conflicts, flaky memory, etcetera.
> First try to boot without loading (J)EMM386, a common cause of
> problems is a bad default EMM386 configuration which makes UMB
> space available for DOS in areas that should stay reserved for
> something else, such as BIOS or extension cards. You can use a
> tool like PCISLEEP to get a list of devices. The Quarterdeck MFT
> Manifest tool is also freeware by now, might be useful even if
> it is not hardware oriented. Similar to a very extended MEM :-)
> There is also a RAM/resource info tool from Japheth that can be
> used to debug the autoconfig abilities of JEMM386, if you can
> not find it on (www) japheth.de you can always ask him by mail.
> Eric
> PS: For flaky memory, run MEMTEST86 or MEMTEST86+. There is also
> a version that can be started from DOS called MEMTESTE. Note that
> it can only start if no EMM386 is loaded. It works best if you do
> not load any other drivers at all before starting MEMTESTE...

Okay, I have tried loading no drivers and then with just the
packet driver running fdupdate.  It still crashes.  Is there
a way to scan for bios usage of memory so that I can put in
the necessary exceptions?  The PCISLEEP comment is interesting,
but I'm on an old EISA only Intel 80486 DX2-66 that uses 32 pin
simms.  The bios is an AMI bios circa 1993.

I'll see about grabbing a copy of memteste.

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