Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi!
>>> Another thing will be a list of things to test...
>> Well, things like xmstest, memtest, idecheck
> Those are not kernel related as far as I remember.

Not related to kernel, but to hardware and base software. You can see if
the change has broken something in a special configurations.

>> nssi
> Hmmm NSSI was a hardware tester, I believe?

Hardware information but sometimes picky in buggy environments.

>> alloc test

First allocate and use low dos mem and after that do the same with a dos

>, dosidle
> ...?
>> slowdown
> Shrug... I wonder how much that depends on kernels...

Doesn't depend on kernel but this testing system would not be only
useful for kernel development but also for device driver, TSR, BIOS
extender and bootmanager development.

Things like "escape" (original thread) also do not seam to be related to
the kernel but such picky software is always a nice testing object.

It's not much "testing kernel", but therefore "testing FreeDOS" (where
memory managers are mostly loaded) and testing if everything known to
work together is still working.

>> Often I tested some nice TSR (like a clipboard or clock tsr
>> etc.) or something and it worked well for many things but
>> in the end there was something no longer working or unstable.
> Good point but how do you measure unstable?

Using freedit (or whatever) a while its working well and then it crashes
without getting to a point to be able to reproduce it always the same
way. "randomly"

> Which new features?

Those provided by widespread desktop operating systems. Things like
DOSZilla, tridos, ac97toSB and such would have been cool.

>>> And there is a port of clamav
>>> which makes downloading f-prot unnecessary. It seems
>>> that not much commercial software remains in use :-)
>> Clamav is not yet better then commercial antivirus in virus findings.
> It is better than f-prot for DOS because support for DOS
> versions of commercial AV is pretty bad now in 2009...

Detection rate should be still better when new signatures can be used.


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