> "It is strongly recommended that you use MS-DOS version 7.0 (the version
> of MS-DOS that ships with Windows 95/98), since it is the only version
> that will allow you to use long filenames with your NTFS drives. Using
> earlier versions of MS-DOS restrict you to using file names in 8.3  
> format."

Only because NTFSDOS doesn't (didn't) translate NTFS original LFNs (that  
were stored without SFNs) to accessible SFNs. Refer to how DOSLFN does  
this for CDFS filenames that are too long, so it is indeed possible.  
(Might be more difficult with NTFSDOS Professional's R/W access though.)

> and
> "Many people believe that MS-DOS doesn’t support long file names at all,
> but that isn’t the case. It is the MS-DOS FAT file system driver that
> lacks support, rather than MS-DOS itself.

If you prefer to refer to the kernel as the "MS-DOS FAT file system  
driver" only, that's true. (So that "MS-DOS itself" here means all other  
programs.) Else it isn't true, because the kernel doesn't contain any LFN  
support at all, and it is in fact made up of more than a FAT driver.  
Regarding this you have to remember the redirector interface, too.

> When used with a file system
> that supports long file names MS-DOS handles them fine,

The kernel doesn't care.

> as do MS-DOS
> applications that are written to take advantage of the support."

What they tell you is that NTFSDOS horribly hacks into Int21 to provide  
the LFN services on it's own. Because the redirector interface (which is  
else used by NTFSDOS) was never updated to provide LFN services. It must  
be a horrible hack because the redirector was designed so that the driver  
(here NTFSDOS) doesn't have to hack into Int21 and provide any direct  
Int21 services by itself.

> Author was Mark Russinovich / Bryce Cogswell so I believe the statement
> was correct.

They were supposedly Windows experts, weren't they?

> What about FreeDOS kernel and LFN? Wouldn't it make sense also to add
> LFN to the FreeDOS kernel?

If someone has enough time for this..

> Also according to
> http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0503736/php/drdoswiki/index.php?n=Main.Compatibility
> it also seams doslfn is not the answer and needs bugchecking by a third
> developer.

Someone able to do this?

> For sure, if LFN goes into the FreeDOS kernel it would make much sense
> to add also LFN support to the FAT driver. Is this already the case?

For sure, if LFN services would be added to Int21 only but not the  
filesystem driver(s) it would be a complete waste of effort. DOS-C's FAT  
driver is probably LFN-aware (shows correct volume label even with LFNs  
etc.) but doesn't contain more support. [There's however this LFN helper  
API but I don't know what it's supposed to do and there's no  


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