Eric Auer schrieb:
> Hi,
>>>> LFN for FAT and for NTFS are working stable in Linux. Could a FreeDOS
>>>> developer grab this free knowledge from Linux and improve DOSLFN this
>>> way?
>>> very unlikely. Linux drivers are too different from DOS kernel or DOS
>>> TSR to be useful
>> What about bringing the FUSE interface to DOS? Would it be possible to port
>> libfuse and then write a system driver to support FUSE drivers?
> FUSE is targeted towards Linux and supports things that DOS does
> not need and cannot support. You can use the already existing
> "network redirector" interface, int 2f, ah=11, al=function number
> to implement drivers for any network or local non-FAT filesystem.

Also a very nice way to implement non-FAT filesystems and/or network
filesystems is the approach USBASPI.SYS is using.

It's even compatible with accessing over INT 13 and third party
filesystem drivers.


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