Hi Michael,

indeed, MS LFN started with version 7 (Win9x)...

> What about FreeDOS kernel and LFN? Wouldn't it make sense
> also to add LFN to the FreeDOS kernel?

Yes but: The DOSLFN license does not allow it so you would
have to re-implement LFN from scratch and there is also a
risk to get nagging from MS because some LFN things are
still patented by Microsoft. For now, the DOSLFN way works
very well, although not perfect, for my few LFN needs.

> it also seems doslfn is not the answer and needs bugchecking
> by a third developer.

Quite possible - ask the doslfn maintainer whether he wants help.

> For sure, if LFN goes into the FreeDOS kernel it would make much sense
> to add also LFN support to the FAT driver. Is this already the case?

LFN lives at the level of directory entries, it does not care
whether they are FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32 directory entries :-)
But of course the kernel FAT driver does both, FATs and DIRs.


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