Hi Petr!

On Saturday 04 April 2009 20:53, Petr Ullmann wrote:
> I would like to start with translation of FreeDOS to czech language. 
> Where can I find some informations about way of FreeDOS translations or 
> informations about translation project?

In fact, there isn't much you have to know, translating stuff in FreeDOS is 
really easy :-)
All you have to to, is set two variables in your system:
SET NLSPATH=C:\FREEDOS\NLS\  (obviously, you will have to adjust this one)

Then, all NLS-aware applications will start looking into your NLSPATH to check 
if they can find a translation file for your language.
A simple test you could do is to type "MEM" in your default configuration, then 
set the language to, say, french (by setting the two variables above), and 
check "mem" again. You will notice that the language change is taken into 
account instantly :)

However, translating the shell is a bit more touchy, as it requires some 
partial recompilation + appending a trailer on the binary file... You will have 
to download the source package containing the kernel, and retrieve english.lng 
and english.err files, and translate all which is between ":" and "." of each 
section. If I remember correctly, this package contained also tools to compile 
translations, but I can't help you much there, as I have done that last time 4 
years ago, and I completely forgot all the techy details...

Anyway, the very first thing to do is retrieving all *.en files from 
http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/fdlang/EN/ , and translate them into your 
language, changing the extension to ".cz". Don't hesitate to send me any file 
you could have done, that way I will be able to put it into my repository. 
Then, when all *.en files will be done, we will see for Kernel translation. ;-)

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste

> Mateusz Viste napsal(a):
> > Hi all!
> >
> > It has been a long time that the "poor translation management" was 
> > bothering me. There is no easy way to know what needs to be translated, and 
> > what is already translated but not shipped with the package for whatever 
> > reason.
> >
> > I worked a moment today on a new project: The FreeDOS localisation project:
> >
> > http://www.viste-family.net/mateusz/fdlang/
> >
> > I think that such centralized translation point could greatly improve 
> > FreeDOS translations, as people would know exactly what has to be 
> > translated, where to check wheter any translations for a given program has 
> > been made, and where to send any self-made translations.
> >
> > Don't hesitate to send me any translations you have, which aren't listed on 
> > my website!
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Mateusz Viste
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