On Monday 06 April 2009 01:50, Jim Hall wrote:
> I once had an idea that we should put an LSM header/comment in the zip
> file. If the FD package tool saw an LSM there, it would know the zip
> file was really a FD pkg and not a third-party zip file.

Hi Jim!

We already may check that, simply looking wheter there is a \appinfo\*.lsm file 
or not.
The idea was rather to make a difference between "FreeDOS packages containing 
system files, like format" and "FreeDOS packages containing some other apps, 
like Arachne". Something in a concept similar to RPM packages :-)

As of today, we have no such possibility, as our packages are all unzipped in 
%DOSDIR%\, which is IMHO a not-so-good idea for third party applications...
Say, I have FreeDOS installed on C:\FREEDOS. When I install a FreeDOS package 
containing a non-system application (like Arachne, or SEAL), I would prefer if 
it was unzipped, say, in D:\APPS\ instead.

Why would it be better to package "normal" (non-system) applications into 
FreeDOS packages? Well... for the simple reason to get big advantages which we 
all know from RPM. For example, I install MPXPLAY v1.0 during my FreeDOS 
install, then, after 3 months, there comes a MPXPLAY 1.1. All I would have to 
do is launch FDUPDATE to happily update the thing. :-)
Or, say that after 3 months I would like to get a MIDI player as well. All I 
would have to do is launch "FDUPDATE /NEW", browser the list of packages to 
find a MIDI player which pleases me, and install it.

Or maybe am I just dreaming? :-)

Best regards,
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