> Using MS-DOS 6.2x himem.sys and MS-DOS 6.2x emm386.exe,
> I have Windows 3.1 running on freedos 1.  What I wonder
> is why 386 enhanced mode errs out with incorrect dos
> version???  I'm using the unstable kernel that came
> with freedos 1.  Is anyone working on it to get it
> stable?

No, but you could say it is stable enough for you ;-)
The main problem is that you need to use the WINKERNEL
from 1.0 which is the unstable kernel but with those
extra experimental 386 enhanced patches activated. You
may also have to: Load SHARE, not load EMM386, or use
the MS versions of EMM386 and/or HIMEM. The latter two
might be tricky to configure right on modern hardware.

> I'm still getting the 2 near fnodes error with fdupdate.
> If I could look at the source for fdupdate 0.54, maybe
> I can figure out where it crashes.

FDUPDATE is written in FreeBASIC and FreeBASIC might have
issues if your CPU has no or no relatively modern FPU...
I think Rugxulo knows a workaround for that and will mail
about the issue with Mateusz.


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