On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 7:35 PM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Using MS-DOS 6.2x himem.sys and MS-DOS 6.2x emm386.exe,
>> I have Windows 3.1 running on freedos 1.  What I wonder
>> is why 386 enhanced mode errs out with incorrect dos
>> version???  I'm using the unstable kernel that came
>> with freedos 1.  Is anyone working on it to get it
>> stable?
> No, but you could say it is stable enough for you ;-)
> The main problem is that you need to use the WINKERNEL
> from 1.0 which is the unstable kernel but with those
> extra experimental 386 enhanced patches activated. You
> may also have to: Load SHARE, not load EMM386, or use
> the MS versions of EMM386 and/or HIMEM. The latter two
> might be tricky to configure right on modern hardware.

I disagree with your "No, but you could say it is stable enough"
statement. The kernel needs to work reliably. Today, we have two
branches of the FreeDOS kernel: 2036 stable, and 2037 devel
(unstable). That shouldn’t be ok, yet somehow we’ve convinced
ourselves this is acceptable. Having two versions of the kernel, where
the most recent branch is effectively “broken”, is what’s keeping us
from moving forward.

Is there a developer on the lists here who has an interest in kernel
programming? We need someone who is willing to dig into the code and
fix the kernel so we finally have a latest version that's more
"stable". Is it easier to start with 2036 and re-add the features from
2037? Or is it better to fix the broken parts from 2037, to release a
(working) 2038 version? I lack the skill to do any kernel development,
so I never tried. I’m hoping someone with the necessary energy and
enthusiasm can work it out.


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