>> Theoretically, freedos could support an open source replacement.
> And in my opinion, the only involvement FreeDOS should have is to
> ensure that any such open source project would have access to whatever
> they need to run, just like any other DOS application. That is, it
> should be a separate project.

I agree here. A new GUI should not run exclusively on FreeDOS, because  
that's the Microsoft approach. Ideally, all programs should run on MS-DOS  
(or DR-DOS or...) as well, or failing that there should exist an adjusted  
version or a driver that makes the program work on the other DOS versions.  
I think asking the FreeDOS (kernel) developers to provide technical  
information about DOS, while not tying the program to FreeDOS specifics,  
would be most useful to achieve this.

Speaking of a Windows replacement, it could be handy to use some of the  
Windows (3.x) support already embedded into MS-DOS (this is all  
undocumented by Microsoft, but became "documented undocumented" by UDOS,  
RBIL and other sources).


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