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> First off, would I be asking for a freedos compatible Windows
> replacement if I could just use ReactOS?
> I know about ReactOS, ReactOS is garbage right now.  It will probably be
> garbage for 2-3 more years.
> There is no reason for an MSDOS Windows replacement to be MSDOS
> compatible.  Freedos doesn't
> need to be munged to do those things that MS-DOS did that don't make sense.
> As far as Linux and Wine, Warcraft II BNE does not work under wine.  If
> I had the dos version, I could
> use dosbox or freedos.  Wine is not much better than ReactOS at
> supporting Windows progams.  Under
> Wine, I have never gotten sound for example.  On a less than 1 Ghz
> machine, who wants to run Wine?
> Need I remind people, you cannot legally run MS-DOS anymore.  It's not
> something you can legally
> install to a system that never had MS-DOS.  MS-DOS is not freeware,
> that's why Freedos exists
> after all.
> I've tried to talk to the ReactOS community to find out when this or
> that will be fixed or what is currently
> being worked on, all it does is make people angry.
It seems that talking about ReactOS's future makes the leaders rather angry.
Maybe they see uncertainty in the project's future? It did have a rocky
start. Also, ReactOS is a shambles, full of hacks and little tweaks to try
to get the kernel in a workable state. The user-level DLLs are almost
entirely inherited from the Wine Project. If someone were to design a
Windows GUI replacement, being able to effectively use the Wine DLLs would
speed up the process considerably.

Compared to Windows NT, which the essential design of ReactOS comes from,
Windows 3.11 and Windows 9x are relatively simple at the lower level.
Replicating the Windows 3.11 lower level and then plugging in Wine DLLs, and
finally adding in the Program Manager, etc. should result in something
remotely stable.

HX DOS Extender does support VERY basic Win32 applications, but it is
somewhat of a hodgepodge. It's basically using the Windows NT form of Win32
as its base. If that could be refitted to work with Wine DLLs then it would
make a lot of the work needed go by a lot faster.

Then we would just need someone willing to write the user apps included in
Windows 3.11.
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