> One example is Warcraft II Battle Net edition.  A better example is Red
> Alert Command and Conquer I.  Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone don't work
> properly in freedos needing either Windows 9x's version of DOS or MS-DOS.

Why don't you write more about the stuff ??? Release date, system
requirements, ...

Do you want to use them in FreeDOS at all ?

> I try to ask what is going to get done in the next release or when XYZ is
> going to get fixed and I get attacked.

YES, but is cloning of Windaube ME on-topic here at all ? :-D

> ReactOS is developing very slowly, there are not enough developers.
> It could take years to get to 0.5.  There's no telling when 1.0 will come out.

I am unable to reproduce your problem, not related to FreeDOS at all,
and ROS forum is full of such posts ;-)

> So, how are efforts to replace Windows 9x coming along?
> Theoretically, freedos could support an open source replacement.

but then i would put FreeDOS on my CRAP LIST

> I agree here. A new GUI should not run exclusively on FreeDOS, because
> that's the Microsoft approach. Ideally, all programs should run on MS-DOS (or 

FreeDOS + EDR-DOS + RxDOS + ...
And create a DOS GUI, rather than a ME or NE clone ...

> I would recommend to program your GUI in a way which makes in run
> on any DOS, using exclusively normal int 21 calls for which you
> can easily get documentation by reading a MSD

INT $21 doesn't provide any GUI ... so you will need VESA + VGA BIOS
(+ VGA ports) or VGA + PCI ports
+ some mouse support (INT $33 is unusable, so a new mouse driver standard)

> Your GUI could also abstract all DOS access from the graphical
> apps. Then your apps only talk to your GUI and the GUI talks to
> DOS, taking care that DOS only has to deal with one client, the
> GUI itself. Should be elegant

YES :-)

> If you want to run Windows programs in a free way, try the HX
> extender from Japheth

YES :-)

Robinson wrote:

> First off, would I be asking for a freedos compatible Windows
> replacement if I could just use ReactOS?

I don't know what you expect at all ...

> I know about ReactOS, ReactOS is garbage right now.

OK, get XP (pay or pirate) and use it for you in private ...

> There is no reason for an MSDOS Windows replacement to be MSDOS
> compatible.  Freedos doesn't
> need to be munged to do those things that MS-DOS did that don't make sense.


> As far as Linux and Wine, Warcraft II BNE does not work under wine.

Is it a DOS EXE or Win16 NE or Win32 PE GUI or what ???

> On a less than 1 Ghz machine, who wants to run Wine?

I don't, sorry

> Need I remind people, you cannot legally run MS-DOS anymore.

You can if you got it legally 25 years ago ... for example I can't ;-)

> It's not something you can legally install to a system that
> never had MS-DOS.  MS-DOS is not freeware,
> that's why Freedos exists after all.

Exactly :-)

> being worked on, all it does is make people angry.

Because you are unable to describe your problem in a way
understandable to other people ;-)

~~~ wow ~~~

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