> being worked on, all it does is make people angry.
> Because you are unable to describe your problem in a way
> understandable to other people ;-)

It's not that simple.  Asking questions about 
when XYZ will work or what is being worked on 
raises people's ire because they can't give 
good answers, or so I'm told.  The ReactOS
newsletters stink, they are short leaving you 
with more questions than answers.  There seems 
to be a shortage of dedicated developers for 
the ReactOS project and the problems the project 
is running into appear to be extremely difficult 
to solve ( meaning they will be time intensive ).

Warcraft II BNE version 2.01A runs in Windows 9x 
and Windows XP.  It was designed for 9x, which 
shows when you install it to XP and you have to 
be Administrator to play it.  I would prefer to 
be able to play it under Freedos.

I also have a program called Drivewire that allows 
my COCO 3 via the serial port to use my PCs hard 
drive like it's a disk drive.  There's a Linux 
version, but the old machine I use is too slow 
for that and Linux doesn't support W2BNE without 
emulation of some kind ( processor intensive ).  
There is another program I like, Red Alert 
Command and Conquer Windows 95 edition, that 
only runs in Windows 9x.  

I would love to have a clone of Windows 9x handy 
that runs on top of Freedos so that I don't have 
to dual boot and I don't have to worry about 
licensing.  I am not interested in a Windows 9x
clone being MS-DOS compatible as I won't be
running it on top of MS-DOS.  Freedos should be
better than MS-DOS where adding an MS-DOS 
compatible GUI might create a problem.

I realize that a Windows 9x replacement for Freedos
is a down the road sort of thing.  I also hear
people who complain that this is just DOS
and not Windows.  ReactOS is not useful at
this point and even if it were it is not a DOS
compatible replacement for Windows.  There is a
lot of DOS based Windows software that is 
orphaned because Microsoft switched everyone over
to NT.  The ReactOS project, originally called
something else, was going to clone Windows 95.  
Asking for a clone of Windows 9x or 3.x is another 
way to make the ReactOS community extremely angry 
with you these days.  Where is dos based Windows 
relevant?  The ReactOS community doesn't want 
to discuss it.  I naturally assumed that the 
Freedos community feels differently.  Was I wrong?

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