On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 05:21 -0800, dos386 wrote:
> > No it is not and it is rude

> Try ReactOS forum. How long you will survive
> there before getting banned, if you are not yet.

Have you been banned from the ReactOS forums?
Too many people treat it like it's a mere hobby
and tempers do flare on those boards, but I've 
never been banned myself.

ReactOS is NOT a project that intends to replace
the dos compatible versions of Windows.  ReactOS
is not the answer if you need to run a Windows 
3.x or 9x specific program.

> > development has been to at least support the
> > versions of Windows that ran on top of dos.
> This violates the GPL.

Where specifically does the GPL state that GPL'ed
software cannot interact with proprietary software?
If that were true, than playing practically any old
dos game on Freedos if the game isn't freeware 
violates the GPL.  Indeed if we accept this lie of
yours that supporting Windows on top of freedos
violates the GPL, then the kernel developers who
have been designing the Freedos kernel with 
Windows 3.x in mind are violating the GPL.

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