> There is no reason for an MSDOS Windows replacement to be MSDOS
> compatible.

Except to run on MS-DOS as well. As said, it's Microsoft's method to write  
programs such that they only run with other Microsoft programs although  
there's no good reason why they shouldn't run with other vendor's programs  
as well.

> Freedos doesn't
> need to be munged to do those things that MS-DOS did that don't make  
> sense.

I don't see where it currently does any such things, even in the "WINKERN"  
version. Sharing the "System File Tables" with all other virtual machines  
(DOS boxes) makes perfect sense because the DOS file I/O needs to be  
serialized anyway.

> Need I remind people, you cannot legally run MS-DOS anymore.

Get an old MS-DOS or Win9x license and you have your MS-DOS to run legally.

> It's not
> something you can legally
> install to a system that never had MS-DOS.

Uhm, why not?


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