On Mon, 2009-06-15 at 06:23 -0800, dos386 wrote:
> This is off-topic and irrelevant anyway ...

No it is not and it is rude of you to say that it 
is.  It is not because one of the goals of Freedos
development has been to at least support the
versions of Windows that ran on top of dos.
The natural next step is to replace those
versions of Windows.

OpenGem is no different from Windows 9x or 3.x in the
respect that it runs on top of DOS.  It is different
in the sense that it works with Freedos where Windows
9x doesn't and Windows 3.x somewhat doesn't.

Microsoft doesn't sell Windows 3.x or 9x anymore, the
attitude of Microsoft is that nobody uses dos anymore
so nobody needs a version of Windows that works with
it.  The reality is, there is this thing called the
Win32 API that Windows 9x and Windows 3.x support
among other APIs.  Making this available under dos
without implementing a Windows 3.x or 9x replacement
would be very difficult.

Now then, at this time there aren't enough developers
to take on cloning Windows 3.x or Windows 9x, but
that alone doesn't make discussing a Windows 3.x 
or Windows 9x replacement irrelevant.

There are many Windows programs that only work in
dos based Windows.  There is such a thing as a dos
based Windows program, try to run it at the dos
prompt ( any version ) and you'll get a this
requires Microsoft Windows error.  Many of these
same programs either don't work or don't work 
correctly in Windows NT and other NT based 
versions of Windows.

Right now, one of the goals of the kernel developers
is to support Windows 3.x better.

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