> No it is not and it is rude

Try ReactOS forum. How long you will survive
there before getting banned, if you are not yet.

> development has been to at least support the
> versions of Windows that ran on top of dos.

This violates the GPL.

> The natural next step is to replace those versions of Windows.

Possible expensive innatural & BAD step (at least no GPL violation, though).

> Microsoft doesn't sell Windows 3.x or 9x anymore

so forget it ;-)

> The reality is, there is this thing called the
> Win32 API that Windows 9x and Windows 3.x support
> among other APIs.  Making this available under dos
> without implementing a Windows 3.x or 9x replacement
> would be very difficult.

Get HX.

> There are many Windows programs that only work in
> dos based Windows.  There is such a thing as a dos
> based Windows program, try to run it at the dos
> prompt ( any version ) and you'll get a this
> requires Microsoft Windows error.  Many of these
> same programs either don't work or don't work
> correctly in Windows NT and other NT based
> versions of Windows.

Supply examples (freeware !!! + link).

> Right now, one of the goals of the kernel developers
> is to support Windows 3.x better.

Good ... when done, put it into a coffin and then into a grave.

> Isn't this exactly what HX Extender is for? to run win32 console programs


> Yep, let's see where kernel 2039 brings us sometime :)

Will there be a non-win-kernel AKA loose-kernel then ? :-(

> And so, FreeDOS must be able to run Windows 3.x. Currently, it cannot....

Oh well ...

> HX Extender is not a very good Win32 console runner

Fault list ???

~~~ wow ~~~

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