>>> PS: for what I know vfat in Linux is just the name of FAT32 ;)
>> Then Linux is not correct, because VFAT is just an extension to FAT12 /
>> FAT16 / FAT32 to allow long filenames:
> Ok, but most people should be aware that in the Linux literature (most
> google tutorials) the tem vfat is used liberaly.

I've only ever heard it used to mean *all* file systems using the VFAT  
extension, i.e. FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems with long names. They  
probably call this the VFAT file system to distinguish it from their  
original FAT file system implementation which didn't support long names  
and the new file times.

(BTW, the V stands for "Virtual" which at most fits into Microsoft's  
strange behaviour of calling everything related to Win386 virtual, and  
doesn't relate to what a VFAT file system is in any way. They probably  
only named their VxD VFAT, and with this implementation being the first  
one to support the new features, someone just called these features VFAT.)


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