That is an *old* distribution. PMagic has many improvements. Not a 
matter of taste.

GWIK it has almost everything in one CD (that I thought of), just the 
same idea, just added evolution...


Geraldo Netto escreveu:
> Hi All/Alain!
> Eheheh :)
> it's pretty much a question of taste
> but i go with SystemRescueCd - :)
> suddenly gnu parted(the backend lib used in gparted and many
> other 'partion magic' like software) doesn't fit in a bootdisk any more :(
> this would be a really interesting thing imho...
> btw, why not make freedos installation using linux?
> it would be easier to develop and would be intrinsically extensible
> i know it sounds insane, but i think it can be a really interesting 
> combination
> of course, there are some issues like, how to fit it on floppies and etc
> suggestions/flamewars/doubts/disillusionment with love are always
> welcomed, ahahah :)

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