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Em Sex, Fevereiro 18, 2011 3:18 am, Rugxulo escreveu:
> You mean this Vision Edit or something else? Yup, same authors:
> http://www.primasoft.com/ve.htm
> Not sure what it does so uniquely, esp. since you already use FTE,
> NDN, and SET (though I sympathize with your curiosity).   ;-)

Vision Edit is nice for writing regular text (as opposed to computer
code). Among other things it has a good paragraph reformatting (word wrap)
feature -- the best I found in any editor -- and if you spend weeks
writing for 5 hours a day, that becomes important.

> EDIT: I guess you mean the "registered" VED286.EXE (which isn't openly
> available) since apparently the normal shareware one isn't using DPMI
> 16-bit at all.

That's right, and I am indeed a registered user.

> You said you use real FreeDOS, does TAME work with that? (I guess I'm
> to infer that it does not.) You mean you're trying this old
> (non-Windows) version?
> http://www.tamedos.com/downloads/tame334a.zip

Yes, I'm using version 3.34. I guess that's the latest version that works
for DOS.

> I don't understand what "hogs the CPU" means in this instance. Nor do
> I understand why that's such a problem. (Doesn't DOS always hog the
> CPU?)

Sorry, maybe I used the word 'hog' incorrectly. What I meant was, with
FDAPM-aware editors such as Aurora or SET, the CPU is idle 98-99% of the
time. With non-FDAPM-aware programs, Tame at least allows some idle time,
typically 50-80%.

Never mind that we cannot perceive this directly, either physically or in
the electricity bill. I just like the idea of saving energy and lowering
operating temperatures :-)

Thanks for the suggestions!


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