Hi Henrique,

while I agree that it would be interesting to know which
character byte corresponds to which character shape for
lots of ancient printers, I almost cannot imagine any
pre-ESC/P printer to be still working and for those it
is always an (although slow) option to print text using
graphics mode and the DOS EGA or VGA codepage font data.

You could use FreeDOS GRAPHICS (with HP-PCL, ESC-P and
PostScript support) but something specifically tuned to
printing black and white text might be faster, of course
even more relevant when the PC is as old as the printer.

I remember that printers HAD dip switches or otherwise
selectable alternate codepages, so if really needed, I
could ask around to find old handbooks, but even those
printers that I remember already supported graphics ;-)

> Yes, dot-matrix printers are old. Yes, I might buy a modern color inkjet 
> or laser printer, no doubt about that. I don't have a dot-matrix printer 
> (anymore - I've already had an Epson LX-800 and, later, an Epson LX-300 
> and, after that, an Epson Stylus Color - the first color inkjet...
> You see, the point is that FreeDOS might be useful for people who kept 
> their old hardware for all these years and would still like to use it,

Regards, Eric

> http://support.epson.ru/upload/library_file/14/esc-p.pdf
> http://webpages.charter.net/dperr/links/esc_p2.htm

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