Quoting Christian Masloch <c...@bttr-software.de>:

>>> Now that mTCP is Free Software, I think the next version of FreeDOS
>>> should focus on getting basic networking abilities.
>> Well, relatively free.  A certain group of people are aghast that I used
>> GPL v3 - apparently that is not free enough for them.  I'm getting a
>> good laugh out of that conversation though.
> Should you refer to me here (I highly doubt you do not) then please ensure
> not to misrepresent my opinion. I am not "aghast" at your choice of
> license. Though as has been stated it is true that personally I would have
> _preferred_ a license other than the GPL. It is obviously your choice. As
> I pointed out I appreciate your source code release nonetheless.
> If you want to further express your amusement at me please keep that to
> our forum. I will not reply to other posts about that on this mailing list.

Actually, I was referring to you.

And just as you pointed out that you have the right to infer whatever  
you want to infer on that forum, I am exercising my right to share my  
amusement where I choose to share it.

Have a good day ...


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