Quoting Bernd Blaauw <bbla...@home.nl>:

> Op 1-6-2011 18:25, mbbrut...@brutman.com schreef:
>>>> Well, relatively free.  A certain group of people are aghast that I used
>>>> GPL v3 - apparently that is not free enough for them.  I'm getting a
>>>> good laugh out of that conversation though.
> I've read that discussion and liked it, in my opinion looks nothing more
> than a thought experiment along the lines of:
> "hey thanks for releasing it as GPL3 but have you considered the effects
> of your choice in case somebody (has some software and) wants to do 'X' ? "
> People are fine with your choice, they're just creating awareness by
> being difficult about choices, without attacking the choices or the
> person(s) making them.
> Welcome to slashdot.org :)

Sometimes it is hard to tell the motivation.  I would have preferred  
that the license discussion not be attached to the announcement of one  
particular project and instead treated as a different/new thread of  
discussion.  That removes any doubts.  A more appropriate use of the  
announcement thread would have been to discuss the project goals or  
technical questions.

However, I agree that it is time to move on.  We definitely don't want  
this devolving any further ..


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