I am having trouble installing FreeDOS on an ancient Toshiba laptop
which has no CD drive, only a floppy.  In the "Install" section of the
wiki, also known as the FreeDOS Install HOWTO, I read:

"With the special boot diskette, you can even install on a PC which does
not have a cdrom drive: Just copy the ISO image file (cdrom image) to a
file called c:fdbootcd.iso and the installer boot diskette will "mount"
that file. In other words, it will create a virtual cdrom in a virtual
cdrom drive from it."

The Toshiba has PC-DOS installed on a single FAT16 partition.  By using
an external Zip drive I copied FDFULLCD.ISO onto that partition, renamed
it C:\FDBOOTCD.ISO and created a boot floppy by booting a live CD and
using "menu".  When booting from this floppy on the laptop, the ISO is
not recognised as a virtual CD-ROM.

In fact it looks as though the floppy won't do anything useful.  It
contains only 3 files: KERNEL.SYS, COMMAND.COM and FDCONFIG.SYS. 
FDCONFIG.SYS displays a menu but that's pretty much all it can do
because it contains references to files in A:\DRIVER and to
A:\FREEDOS\FDAUTO.BAT, none of which exist on the floppy.

Is that boot floppy really as useless as it seems to be?  Is there
really a way of installing to a machine without a CD drive?


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