> I have such an audiocard, wich are listed in the soundcardfile from MPXPLAY
> with native hardware access.
> My problem is I have some games, I like to try with audio, but I canĀ“t make
> it work.

I had the same problem. Dosbox is a great program, but I prefer playing my
old Sierra and LucasArts games (I still have some diskettes and CDs) in a
clean DOS, and not an emulated one.

I bought like 3 years ago a SB Live! which came with DOS drivers. I never
managed to play all the games with sound. I don't remember if they were the
newer ones or older ones that didn't work well.

My problems ended a couple of months ago, I've bought a 1998 Dell computer
(~ US$ 13) and a SB16 (~ US$ 5). The cdrom was broken but I changed it with
the cdrom from a "newer" computer (2002).

All games, I've been playing, work excellent and unpatched (because of

I've found a computer graveyard in my city that sells all kind of hardware.
I am thinking in buying an AWE32 card which is bigger than the SB16 and only
costs 3 american dollars (seller thinks bigger means not good). Maybe
someday I'll try composing and professional audio ;)

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