Hi Eric,

Yes i boot dual, i have the half-freeware BOOT-US, i have the one for Win7
x64 and the other one for FreeDos. I tried to make one for DOS 6.22 but my
Win7 x64 don´t take the installation on a disk.

Why: Windows was never for me an OS more a graphic overlay^^, my first DOS:
3.62 on 5 1/2" disk^^ no harddisk in PC...and now I have to run with Windows
all the time. I really enjoy games and a friend gave me Call of the Sword
and it didn´t run in DOSBOX, in Freedos also, outdatet MSCDEX.exe calls it^^
I hope it is only about that the CD driver isn´t loaded (sometimes I see the
driver load and when DOS comes up: illegal ... occu...... please reboot)

Some games DOS games run better in DOS as in DOSBOX, DOSEMU... I have to
search for it I didn´t know it when it is not DOSBOX what you mean.

My PC hardware: Intels i5 750 4x2,66ghz, 8GB DDR3-1333, Gforce 260GTX, 300GB
HD SATA, an IDE DVD and an SATA DVD, an normally floppydisk drive on IDE,
the Audigy 2 on PCI.

P.s. Since I was 14 I stop to learn programming. But hobby website now.

MFG Johannes alias Jareika
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